Degree in Psychology #1 ♥


My blog is full of craps of my daily awesome life. ehem.
so, basically, it's full of narration, but not too much of thoughts/opinions. 

I've wanted to do a continuous post like this for a long time, 
but i just think it is still not the time. hah but now it is!

I am a Psych student. yes, right, people who knows me will know this is NEVER my choice. 
I wanted to be vet so badly ever since i am young. (i am still young, and i still want to)
YET! My results ain't as good as i aimed (bio, chem and physics)
i passed these subj, i can go for vet studies, but not in M'sia.
cuz i took UEC, not commonly recognized here, M'sia wtf.

I'd wanted to go oversea studying,
but plez bear in mind about the financial issues.

I was totally lost. 

I wanted to go for event management, but, my dad didnt let me to.
my dad worked with these people.
they will never have enough sleep.
plus, you can only have it till Degree.

Degree cert is now typical, everyone has it. We need more than Degree in order to.... whatever.

to those who are facing problems choosing what to do/which course to take,
because they pay for the fees!
although they are not always right, they have much more experience than us.

my mum accompanied me to a few Uni,
talked to a few counselors,
and finally we decided to go for Psych (yes, WE)

I agreed because there is this subject Pets Behavioural Studies.
at least i can get a step closer with my dream, ay?

Parents agreed because, i can at least get a job?
this is typically what parents are concerned about.
wtf. i forgot which counselor said this but it is stuck in my mom's mind.

and now, i'd never regret (ok la maybe at first i cannot really accept the fact of me studying sth other than Veterinary studies la )
cuz it suits me.
it is something i can handle. 
it is something not tooo stressful for me.
it is something, that i think i can be happy with. 

I'd got through the 1st sem.
the results is not out yet,
pray hard,
i'll get my Degree cert on time.

Psychology's "short form" is PSYCH

Psycho - a deranged or psychopathic person (from Merriam-Webster online dictionary)


i shall continue this post when i feel like doing so. :)

this crazy lil thing called LOVE ♥


"there's this thing, called love...." - Queen

this post is all about the Fabulous 3. (add on 2 monkeys ehem)

you might be nagging non stop about your family members behind their backs,
it's not because you do not love them,
you are just disagreeing their behavior, 
not the person, 
because no matter what, 
we have the same blood flowing, 
we love each other. 

@Genting. June. 

Jayesslee Live in KL ♥


Jayesslee Live in KL @ Dewan Wawasan PGRM
w/ Yan Low 

I am a mad fans of Jayesslee. 

Owl bag. 

Sonia on the left. Janice on the right. 
 this is the only pic of them. i know. you all cannot even see em cuz we were not allowed to snap picture/record video. oh well, i get to see them live. HAH! :D

it is reallyyyy different seeing them live and in Youtube.
you can feel the power of their bond. serious.

P/S: never take pic under the lighting, makes your eyes even smaller! wtf.

and when i thought i couldn't see them close up, they passed by us, walking to the meet and greet room.
that's Janice :) 
this is the funniest scene:
Me: Yan! must take pic har. MUST!
Yan & Me holding our cameras, getting ready, 
and when they came out. 
we shouted, jumped, laughed like crazy,
with our hands shaking, 
without pressing the snap button. O.O

oh well. 

excuse me. 

the proposal flash mob is tomorrow! :D
i cant wait!

Nails ♥


Oh YEAH! did the final paper today. 

so imma blog a short post la. 
my nails revolution since February.

Long white nails. mom says it looks like vampire

add on Jojo's crack nail polish.

failed marble nails. -.- only the left finger acceptable ba le.

then i started learning piano again, so bye long nails! i prefer short nails cuz idk how to take care of long nails and i find it hard to do things w long nails D:

metallic pink w crack nail polish.

half crack nails.

and now i am addicted w neon! :D (this pink is not that bright. it is brighter in real life. wtf)

Happy July ♥


Sem one about to end. there is nothing i can look back at. 
just wanted to move forward without regret. 

:) Happy July!

Jason Mraz Live in KL ♥


As seen in the title, 
it's Jason Mraz Live in KL! :D

i am not a super HUGE fans of him, 
but ze bf is -.-

after the concert, i became one of the huge fans! :D


claypot rice in Cheras before heading to Jason Mraz's concert. 

we're here!

 it was an outdoor concert, 
so thanks god the weather was nice and sort of windy too. :)

Yan Low, Px Cheah and Mr.C half hidden.

opening performance.
 and here comes...
(drums roll)

 he played my fave Butterfly and I Wont Give Up
the whole concert was awesome awesome and awesome! 
stood up most of the time enjoying his music, 
and it was really.. LIVE (if you kno what i mean)
not every artist can haz such LIVE concert. :D

happy and satisfied kid i am.

excuse my sweaty hair and face. 
i'd been :D all the time after the concert. wtf.

sexy neck!

and it was Clo's birthday! 
celebrated a lil at the nearby McD.

w/ Yan.
 both of us got so hyper that we started singing Madagascar3 theme song dadadadadadat alfro circus, yes, out loud in MCD. *hide*

and when she held out these, we I went crazy AGAIN!
Jayesslee Live in KL!
:D the twins! it's real! it's them!

and we started singing the bubblegum song again.

the end.

Wish list: experience an outdoor concert with bf. CHECKED.

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