Flash Mob ♥


basically i think quite a number of pepoo knows about the flash mob cuz i keep spamming in FB. hah! sorry! 

Summer in Clinique Flash Mob @ KLCC.

my first time ever experiencing flash mob.
AWESOME i can say!

bu xiao xin fa xian got movie mode so awesome imma play w it.

*flips hair*

imma fake salewoman. *blend in blend in* 

awesome people.
i guess this is a brand new stage in my life. exposing to people who really love and have a heart to dance. it's different! they are all so unique in different way :D cannot wait for the next performance! thanks for being so nice and friendly! :)

after the performance brought sis to GongCha. (shit i have the crave again now!)

keep looking back at the video my sis snapped.

SIAO QING working at gongcha! HAHA!

my signature wintermelon and sis's green tea. 

i just loveeee loveeeee it!
 p.s: this is my cousin's Meiyen's fault for introducing me to GongCha now i m addicted -.-

Auntie Anne's is a must!

and le bf came and pick us up. which, my sis is happy cuz she finally gets to sit his car. ehem.

his trophy *proud*

Sisters :)
Thanks sis for taking lrt alone even thou you dont know the way just to be there to snap and record video for me (idk is this the truth but i assume it is -.-)

excuse me.

congrats to him and his team :D 
Videos of the performance :D
this is from my sis's phone.

this one can see more in different angle! :P

Sweating is a way to prove that you are still alive.

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