My May was busy like hell bcoz i worked. hah!
started working w Liese for the pass few month and stopped.
in the month of May i can seriously feel that i am a freelancer wtf.

Office job w/ Mel. :) 
my first office job. 
from Mel's twitter. 

company give free t-shirt somemore.

Faber Castell job w/ the cousin Meiyen.
(ok i just notice she havent upload pic of us working but nvm haha!)
love this job too cuz you get to interact w cute lil kids. 
from her phone.

oh god i miss the food D: especially GongCha and Popiah! 

and for now, 
i take dancing as a part of my job. 
seriously i am happy with it :) 
having your hobby as your career is so awesome.
doing sth you love and still earning :D 


ok la i am still happy being a student. 
not everyone has the chance you kno!

stay positive peepo! 

Flash Mob ♥


basically i think quite a number of pepoo knows about the flash mob cuz i keep spamming in FB. hah! sorry! 

Summer in Clinique Flash Mob @ KLCC.

my first time ever experiencing flash mob.
AWESOME i can say!

bu xiao xin fa xian got movie mode so awesome imma play w it.

*flips hair*

imma fake salewoman. *blend in blend in* 

awesome people.
i guess this is a brand new stage in my life. exposing to people who really love and have a heart to dance. it's different! they are all so unique in different way :D cannot wait for the next performance! thanks for being so nice and friendly! :)

after the performance brought sis to GongCha. (shit i have the crave again now!)

keep looking back at the video my sis snapped.

SIAO QING working at gongcha! HAHA!

my signature wintermelon and sis's green tea. 

i just loveeee loveeeee it!
 p.s: this is my cousin's Meiyen's fault for introducing me to GongCha now i m addicted -.-

Auntie Anne's is a must!

and le bf came and pick us up. which, my sis is happy cuz she finally gets to sit his car. ehem.

his trophy *proud*

Sisters :)
Thanks sis for taking lrt alone even thou you dont know the way just to be there to snap and record video for me (idk is this the truth but i assume it is -.-)

excuse me.

congrats to him and his team :D 
Videos of the performance :D
this is from my sis's phone.

this one can see more in different angle! :P

Sweating is a way to prove that you are still alive.

Avengers and Dark Shadows ♥


watched 2 movies one day. for the first time -.- 
(this happened back in the beginning of June)

sudden crave of Fish Head Noodles in Puchong so we went there again, for the 2nd time.
gosh we love it so so so much! 
 p/s: i forgot to snap the menu. i'll definitely go visit again! all i kno is, it is located beside IOI Boulevard. it is a small small shop. 

went for movie after that @ IOI Mall.

Dark Shadow
overall rating: 6/10

1 to the settings in the movie, and the make ups of the actors. 
and the rest, 5 to Johnny Depp! 

damn it i just love his make up. 

seriously the storyline was not that good. #boo  :/
but #yay for Johnny Depp! 

the bf was not happy w the movie (he's picky -.-), 
so we decided to go for another movie - the Avengers.

before Avengers, off to WongKok @ IOI Mall.

can go and do commercial video already -.- 


my fave milk tea :D
 then i ask him to snap pic for me, so, 

"eh put a bit lower. like that my face smaller ma"


"i hate you."

face changes immediately when he start snapping again wtf.

then i see watermelons....


forced him to do so haha!

ok now for the movie Avengers

mamma mia awesome movie! 
overall rating: 9/10

my bias. *awwww*

 i actually searched for "captain america avengers *pause* half naked"

and we went home :)
(btw this is his first time driving me out from my house and back home  )

3 more weeks till finals. 
i'd sign a contract that i will not die until i finish the finals.
and DO IT WELL! 

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