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I am so happy we get a day off tomorrow! ;D 
although i still have to study for my Friday's quiz. #mehhhhh

basically imma use this 'opportunity' to clear what i wana blog about. 
this is my first time trying Korean cuisine @ Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant 

food is nice, the place is bright (what?), 
but you are goina be stuffy and hot.

 they are famous for the Dak-Galbistir-frying marinated diced chicken. 

Korean newspaper

sticky notes of feedback from the customers

Photo of customers visited

I know this famous korean drama, i know that guy is Bei Jun Yong.

imma punch you, the cousin brother says.

wah you seeeee!, the sister says, looking at the wrong direction thou

Posters (why no 2NE1 and BigBang?)

more photos

some starter & kimchi. which i dont really have faith with it -.-

everyone have a apron thingy :) 

sister failed photobooming.

this is the funniest pic taken!
 HAHA I lol so hard even now! thanks to the brother, who always multi-snap our pics. 
staff photo bomb me. -.- haha!

so healthy they serve plain water.


idk why but my sister keeps one trying to imitate my FB profile pic with watermelon. wtf :/

mom and dad. (mom looks better in short hair? :) )


i had a good first impression of Korean food overall. the food was yum! i prefer the original than the spicy one, cuz my tongue will be numb and i'll taste nothing -.- 
as for the atmosphere it is not romantic/cozy/macam very high class, but it is friendly! (seriously with all the sticky notes and pictures of customers on the wall)
besides, the boss is also very friendly! he is a Korean! (not leng zai thou. but friendly la can!)

It is located in Bandar Puteri. Puchong is now the heaven of food! 
I am proud to be in Puchong. lol. 

all the best to the juniors and my siblings who are having exam! 



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