In Blue Mountain ♥


 People come and go,
 including this fella.

Ms Agnes Ang Jia Yi
who made my nickname minniechang so popular, with a specific tone.

keh keh emo

if i dont blog about her now. 
i will never blog about her haha! 

Blue Mountain she is now. 
quite happy, we can see that. 
cuz she has a lot of familiar faces there. -.-

when did we start knowing each other? we dont know. 
why we are best friends? we dont know. 
do we love each other? we'll say no.
do we hug? we never, until that day.

the awkward moment. -.-
i even blushed after hugging her. wtf max. 
i didnt even blush like that when Mr.C confessed. 
you won! 

(ok la we did actually hugged but it was an accident)

this is more like it. 

we'll see, if distance makes the heart fonder.

p/s: credits to Miich for the last two photos and YuRong who is gentleman enough to drive us home safe.

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