Kiku-Zakura ♥


9th May, my cousin brother's birthday. 
having dilemma dont know what to eat, 
Japanese food we thought,
Sake Sushi's queue was long, normal,
so we went for Kiku-Zakura @IOI Mall.

both of the young kiddo got bored cuz they didnt get what they want -- FAST FOOD.

Sis's phone.

i couldnt stand the weather. 
sweating even it's night time. 

green tea



food was mehhh. i just posted those quite yummeh ones up there. and the price was quite expensive. ish. but i guess, we paid for the atmosphere.

posing with watermelons again. wtf. 

the Changs! :) 
(whops a bit blurry but i like cuz everyone is happy.)

Honeymoon ♥


who doesn't love desserts? 
Never tried Honeymoon before because i heard some rumors saying it doesn't taste nice, 
Thanks to Xiao Jean who claims that the durian shave ice is yummy!
so, try lo!

Honeymoon @ Sunway Pyramid

it is nice! :) 
the taste of durian wasn't too strong (burp also not too strong durian smell one. haha.)
this is the first time someone wants to nom durian food with me. (excluding the Changs)

with the pretty :)
we're the food lovers.

it was the traffic light day
Red: Unavailable
Yellow: Complicated
Green: Available

friendly classmates i have! 
Psych Batch 16.

Chillax? ♥


A lil alcohol to make you relaxed and dizzy,
A lil yellow lighting to make you feel romantic, 
A lil of sentimental music to make you feel sexy.

but please,
dont drunk drive.

♥withlove, yourlove.

Double Eyelids ♥


Although i am having a week off, 
i still dont feel the excitement in me because my pets quiz was screwed up this morning :( 

i have to quickly kao dim my April post, 
cuz it is mid May already (yiaks!)
Celebrated mom and aunt's birthday. 
we are all April babes.

homemade sushi

some succeed, some failed. 
we ended up mixing the sushi and ingredients in a bowl, 
didnt bother to make nice sushi anymore. #phailed

brother has the most beautiful leg in our family, so unfair! 

aunt Shirley

Mommy :)

a lot of cute kiddo came.

the neighbor, Clarins

Hokkaido crepe cake from RT Pastry
we Changs are super huge fan of RT Pastry. 
this crepe cake is super love!
(all of us preferred the original one )

a day well spent with,





leftover food

some alcohol
how nice right, 
especially spending my night with the family, 
(Mr.C tag along also haha!)

so yea, 
since the lil party was held at home, 
and i wana take chio pic (ahem)
but cannot put too much make up cuz i feel weird to put make up when you are hanging around your house.

so, this is my first attempt of double eyelids glue.

really make your eyes bigger!

but my eyes were feeling tired. 
maybe i am still not used to it,
i'll try it once more. 

have a nice weekend!

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