Pets ♥


Quick update. 
have to make blogging as a habit. 

#1: New pet cousins: Benley (top) and Ceci (bottom) 

they are my cousins' bunnies. so, they are my cousins too! 
i have always wanted bunnies since imma kid. 
but mum says: they have too much poop. -.-
I'll be updating about these cute couzies. loads of cute pix!

#2 not abandoning Momo of cuz! 

cute girl. 
the pet shop gave us (Momo and the cousins) a lot of cute lil pet stuff, 
silly Momo doesnt appreciate with the new toys.
but she found a new love, 

this ugly plush toy. i have no idea why she loves it.

#3: growing your hair long is a very very difficult process.

especially in such malaysia weather. 

work hard for this busy week!

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