9TEEN #3 ♥


:) since I'd done my assignment, i shall spare some time blogging. my last part of 9Teen celebration :) 
with ze gangs and Mr.C and honeys.

@Pavillion Red Box
(dont know whether is it the mood or the fact that we are growing older, don't feel like singing MADLY anymore. my my o_o)

love my make-up that day! mascara is mad love! 

Mr.C's homemade blueberry cheesecake :)

 pictures below is a little bit dark cuz i forgot to change the mode. I apologize!

couldnt remeber what was he pointing at -.-
 i think he says: faster la the candle is getting shorter!

 i actually blew the candle softly and slowly cuz i know : HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES OF BLOWING CANDLES. haha!
trying to be a little bit artistic. #mehhh
his cake and his card :) all handmade. 

Jojo Chia :)

you know him -.-

see my dimple! (not dimpleS cuz i only have one -.-)


Jojo and Yan :D :D 

played with the spongebob pen drive. -.-

 this is actually a photo taken accidentally by Jojo Chia. she says: OMG HSIN YOU SEE YOU CHUN GUANG WAI XIE.
but i actually love this photo because i was wrapping him arms. :)

my first polaroid! thankiew JOJO :) mad love! show this to almost everyone.

pac man blueberry cheese cake.

I didn't expect much on my 9teen actually (ohmy, another fact of getting old?)
but i love it cuz it is simple, warm and cozy with all the loves.

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