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:D it's the public holiday! (hiphiphurray!) Uni is fine. friendly classmates i have! ;)

so it's the 4th April. last year's today i had my birthday celebration with Agnes and Yuki. so this year they decided to do the same. haha!

@HainanTea Bandar Puteri

Love the environment! they have comfy couches and warm lighting :) perfect spot to chill and have some girl's talk. must revisit!

busy FB-ing and tweeting on the left and me, doing assignment -.-

show you my screen saver: FANFAN and HEIREN <3 

AGNES: prettiest pic of her

on the phone with Mr.C
 this fella is now in Sydney. i shall blog about her soon.

 casual wear. i love my bird top! :)

insane. -.-

xoxo. till then! 

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