The Vow Premiere Screening ♥


Class starts at 12pm tmr *YAY!* and so, i decided to blog. i have a lot to blog but i choose this to blog coz, it is shorter, with not much pix. haha! 

eventually got invited to watch the movie : The Vow. :) 
thanks again, Nuffnang!

p/s: boyfie wearing the hoodie i bought for him :)

 Went for dinner @Ikea again. omg how can you resist these yummeh swedish meatballs? *mouthwatering* it is the boyfie's first time trying after listening to me talkin how AWESOME they are. and eventually, he is in love with the meatballs to (which i am happy and sad in the same time coz there will be someone snatching sharing meatballs with me :( )

btw, it is this tee again. haha! feel so comfy in it :) die hard Kitschen fans. 

the premiere screening was held @Cathay Cineplex

ok end. 

short hor? yeap. i'll elaborate a lil more then. 
Some says this is a boring movie and not worth watching etc etc. but for me (and the boyfie) it was not awesome but we liked it :) i keep recalling about what they actually said and it really gave me a shock when i knew it was a #truestory at the end of the movie. *teary* it is a typical romance. yet, it really did happened in real life. i had a lot of space to think literally in this movie so i like it! coz fyi i need time to refresh my thoughts one. 0.0

ok, seriously, end :) 

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