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you guys definitely noticed i changed my header once again right? haha! back to the normal design -.- i wanted to try something new and change the layout but..... idk why, stick back to the normal one. D: #phailed

11th March 2012, Mr.C's 9teen :) 
 PlanA: he's going for his training every Sunday. so, i decided to surprise him there. i even called all his friends.everything thing is working perfectly fine... until this Mr.C says: eh my leg hurt i am not going for training for 2 weeks. FUUUUUUUUUU :/ #phailedagain

PlanB: he always says i eat costly food. o__o which is not so true, sometimes. so, discussed with the friends and decided to have a picnic at KLPac :) i can shut his mouth for saying i spend money unwisely. #justsayin

Yan's sushi (Mayyi's nightmare)

p/s: i did prepared pasta salad, but wtf why i forgot to snap the pic of my masterpiece one? -.-

The scenery :)

it's really nice and green there :) but alot of ants lol! and some areas are only opened for the patrons. bohooooo! those places are with huge big trees and swings :( so sad.

birthday boy :)



 couple#4? #justsaying. 

  in order to finish off our food, we played games. which made our poor Mayyi losing everytime and feeling sick eating too much of sushi at last. haha!

not to satisfied with his muffin haha! :P

one and only group pic :)
 the weather was nice. coz it started drizzling. luckily we were planning to leave already. haha i am always lucky :)
sick Mayyi

 continued our chitchat at McDonald :) (i am playing with High Exposures again. me likey!)

McD basket. :) 

my selfmade birthday card :) need to blur it coz, cannot let you see what i wrote there. hehe! this is why i am doodling so often. hehe!

 Some of my fave pic of everyone that day :)
Shorty Mayyi



yours truly 

Px Cheah

Sunshine Vic


and the boy, Mr.C

:) simple and nice, not costly, and healthy (except the MCD part) haha! this is my first time going for a picnic. thankiew everyone for making this happen :)

and happy 9teen my boy!


    i love ur new header!! your fingers look so long!!! hahaha

  2. Yee: ehem ehem see how la :P

    Mayyi: lol xiexie! btw my fingers always this long one can xD



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