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YAY! just participate in Earth hour. had you? :) 

 this post is dedicated to a die hard friend. haha! 
 a friend i know since form one. :) from the ultra noob faces to now, ok la still a bit noob but not that ultra. lol. so yea.
 since she flew to Switzerland, imma say good things about her. this is a once in a lifetime blog. :P (unless she gets married la)

Dear Yee, althou you seems to be childish all the time. but whenever i have problems and asks your opinion, you always gime a (quite) good ones. althou sometimes they are all shit craps. but! i must say, i love talking to you. i cannot forgot the reason you cried on my bed. which i am still now ROFLing. haha! not only i am feeling sad yet a bit of worried about you kiddo alone in Switz too. :( take good care of yourself girl! let's Skype #likeaboss. meloveyouuuuuu:):)

ok, that was for her. :) just scroll down for pictures of the farewell.

and this is the card i made for her. coz she jelly i made one for Mr.C haha!

i even learned how to draw hello kitty for her. she how happy she is! :D

last but not least. tons of camwhore pix we had.:)

much luv!

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