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I had been busy working and now studying. :D *YAY* finally i can have my normal busy daily routine. (sounds weird huh?) i know i know you will hear me complain about the assignments and examination then but, deep inside, i still love them #justsaying

tie my hair up in uni. ;) with a pair of nerdy specs. 0________0

 i sleep a lot. all of the friends says i should sleep more if i can now. coz i will soon get immune from being sleepy. which sounds, scary. and coffee will be my best friend? let's hope not.

i would like to share some pix below. my working mate. i dont usually communicate or to say it's, get along with people who are elder than me. :( when i say i didnt get along it doesnt mean i have some issues with them. it's just that, i am not that.... talkative. heh.
from L-R, Top to bottom: YuenTeng the cheerleader :), Me la -.-, WeiChee the Master student who can still work, and HsiuLuan the one who LOL in an epic way xD

we are all in different ages. ;) 
i am not the youngest anymore :( YuenTeng is. 

this is the craziness.

THIS is the REAL craziness. -.-

i love this :) everyone is so pretty!

alright, i'll start to do the revision. hahahahaha! which doesnt sound like me :P

fyi, Psychologist cant read minds :)

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