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my nuffnang analytic page having problem D: sad weh! #random

finalleh it's march! wohoo! means another 20 days i am starting my psychology course. bumped into some seniors telling me it ain't fun at all and quite tough. i am quite scared can! :( 

before i start my March stories, i shall finish off the February ones. heh! 

this is Mayyi's enormous pet dog, Fluffy -____________-

that's me behind figuring how to use the DSLR -.-

finalleh the birthday girl decided where to go for lunch. something affordable and nice, the birthday choice, WONGKOK. haha!

the guys.

photobomb queen!

:) although we are all full, we still wana go ss15 to try the famous rojak. 

photos below all using HIGHHHH exposure :) 

potato king and queen. :P

our first time witnessed the king and queen :)


mayyi's laptop.

 it tasted very good. if i am not that full after having the baked cheese rice i'll definitely eat more! i am missing the cendol alr :(

she got the sexy assss :)

:) 你因为什么而快乐?


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