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finally i am right here right now healthy and safe typing this post. :) coz i had diarrhea since 4 days ago. wtf. but i can still walk around. not that serious. heh!

blogging about the shorty - Mayyi's birthay;)

the week before her birthday, Agnes Ang bumped into the shorty at Sunway Pyramid so she called me #random
Me: HALOOOO! when can we meet? i need to pass you the GD and TOP album.
Mayyi: this Sunday la!
Me: huh? why?
Mayyi: my birthday la!
Me: *smackself* ohhh chehhhhhh. 
Mayyi: go ask qingyan go ask qingyan got any plan anot.
Me: sure got plan one mehhh?

ok lame. and so, i did call yan and all of us decided to give her a surprise. :)

Balloons! hi PX.



Minhou -.- and Winhou at the back. not brothers. very obvious la. 

Vic :)

*insidejoke* :) her prezzie. LOL

thanks god it's sunny!

placed the cake and toilet roll in front of her house and everyone trying to hide themselves behind the cars to surprise her. but, failed. -.-  

she's happy thou :D

 he's the one who failed the plan. =.= barked non-stop when he sees us. #phailed

oh and we kept laughing coz fluffy is so fluffy and big but he's in such a small cage LOL. Vic tried very very very hard to lure him out. haha! but still #phailed.

fluffy is already half of Mayyi's size. LOL. 

this ceremony is a must :) thanks to the murderer....
Victoria. also Px and Minhou.


idk why he likes the massage machine so much. wtf.

took alot of photos with the macaroons. :) (others all with Yan now)


the twenty-four:D 
 it's been a long time five of us gather since form5. awww i miss you guys :) <3

and and and, alot more photos. #mehhhhhgirls  i shall let the pix talk :)

after all these shots. mayyi says: i never realize my house could be so beautiful :P

actually not that perfectly nice coz....
yea, this is Fluffy's poo.

this is me, trying to save the balloon from flying to the poo. haha!

the camera girl. :)
okay la eventually my photos are all behind the scene one. coz, not pro enough like the one on top ^
still learning, thanks! and there is still alot more photo of the day. i am abit worried you all will be bored with the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG post. so, i'll blog again about the day! :>

oh btw, happy belated leap day! had you girls confessed? :) 


  1. wei no i'm not la!
    i shy shy la!
    come let's 交流 next time :D

  2. pro than me ma :) haha! hao de! you should come Puchong coz you need your hoodie back :D



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