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hi again
 all right, the peng you had been asking (or more like warning) me to finish up my day in one post. haha! but i still wont coz, seriously, too much pix to upload. OwO i am pretty sure you'll understand. :D

so after the school fair, we headed to Mutiara to celebrate nom cake with Josephine :) @Secret Recipe

reached there and found that Josephine has an extra unused coupon. -______-

Birthday girl, Josephine. (wtf why your name so long one)

w/ Agnes

yummy and refreshing celery apple juice!

Iphone users
 so it is the generation of Iphones.
dear Steve Jobs, you made us with no Iphone feel so awkward talking to people coz people are busy talking/using/texting with their Iphones/smartphones. :) sincerely, me.

luckily, we, Agnes and i have the hobby of camwhoring kao kao. :)

Cakes :D
Agnes's Oreo Cheese. ( oreo is always the best combination with anything)

My Chocolate Indulgence. forever love coz it is the biggest slice! haha.

Yun's Bluberry Cheese

actually did the birthday song singing part quick and quiet. coz, having alot of people surrounding you singing birthday song clapping their hands is kinda awkward sometimes #truestory #theawkwardmoment

Josephine's carbonara beef pasta.

self captured group pic :) 

Josephine's souvenir from HongKong
spent our time chitchating about tvb dramas #likeasilai. haha!
somehow lepak-ed around the mall and then said byebye. and went to the playground nearby, and snap some macam yes pic. no la just ordinary ones but i love having photo under the sun, dont you?

is this.....
 omfg it is the best snack of the day which i blogged about in the previous post. (O.O)|||

Agnes: dui bu qi wo bu xiang de. bu xiao xinnnnn...

lost our fav snack :(
 haha! got 2 souvenirs that day. and the considerate Cloey tak tau why she knows i am craving for chocs nowadays, so she gave me the Ferrero Rocher. ;)

Souvenir from Agnes when she's in Aus. 

since i am holding the Nikon D3000, of coz i should snap those lengleng pix right? must be a little bit artistic. haha! #justsaying

captured by Adrian Pak
 omfg why i look so freaking funneh here? i recalled what am i doing. and the only thing i can remember is, i saw a friend Kwong and said: HMPH. haha!


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