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Momo, my lil princess :)
 oh hello! last 3 posts are quite short. haha! this one is goina be quite long. with alot of pix once again :)

so, 9th March is the day where my high school is having a fair. so, BACK TO SCHOOL! :) i am still not used with answering people where am i studying coz i will definitely say ChongHwa first. *sigh*

in the car. stuck in the traffic.

Yun. *0*
 first stop, the noisy society, my beloved, SCC(song composing club) :)
too noisy haha!

always that awesome.

2nd stop, TKD(Taekwondo).
forever guys there. even all the girls are my hengdais. lol.

 all of them too busy to layan me T___________T 

 bumped into alot of lou peng yao (old friends). busy saying HELLOOOO all the way.

Cloey's mum's homemade dumpling! forever yummeh!

cloey's mama's dumpling no. 1 fans!

under the sunshine.

camera shy MuaMua. :)

dai sou and dai lou.
the fella on the right, forever wearing the jacket even in such hot malaysia's weather. coz, it's from the girl beside. this is the strength of l.o.v.e lol!
y u no hot one meh?
this is call warm. you dont understand one la! -.- (wtf) *goosebumps*

 Food. :)

finally they got time layan me liao coz it is almost over. :(

something about this year's fair, there is cosplay competition! :D 

i actually like the boy in that look coz i love the anime but idk what is the anime's name -.-

cannot even recognize my cute lil junior. cute max!

thanks god it's sunny :)

Yan Low.

something funneh about both pic on top. 
1st: let's take pic together!
2nd: cloey and agnes, yer let's go. dont layan her.

Yee. the one flying to switzerland soon :(

best snack of the day!

long lost room mate <3

LumKhayXian. as hyper as usual. (blurred im soory)

lots of sunshine
 after that we left school and headed to Mutiara to celebrate Josephine Yan's birthday,
but i kno i kno, this post is long enough alr, so...

till then!

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