In Switzerland ♥


YAY! just participate in Earth hour. had you? :) 

 this post is dedicated to a die hard friend. haha! 
 a friend i know since form one. :) from the ultra noob faces to now, ok la still a bit noob but not that ultra. lol. so yea.
 since she flew to Switzerland, imma say good things about her. this is a once in a lifetime blog. :P (unless she gets married la)

Dear Yee, althou you seems to be childish all the time. but whenever i have problems and asks your opinion, you always gime a (quite) good ones. althou sometimes they are all shit craps. but! i must say, i love talking to you. i cannot forgot the reason you cried on my bed. which i am still now ROFLing. haha! not only i am feeling sad yet a bit of worried about you kiddo alone in Switz too. :( take good care of yourself girl! let's Skype #likeaboss. meloveyouuuuuu:):)

ok, that was for her. :) just scroll down for pictures of the farewell.

and this is the card i made for her. coz she jelly i made one for Mr.C haha!

i even learned how to draw hello kitty for her. she how happy she is! :D

last but not least. tons of camwhore pix we had.:)

much luv!

Paris ♥


it's every girl's dream. 

where romance turns out to be everywhere.

The Vow Premiere Screening ♥

Class starts at 12pm tmr *YAY!* and so, i decided to blog. i have a lot to blog but i choose this to blog coz, it is shorter, with not much pix. haha! 

eventually got invited to watch the movie : The Vow. :) 
thanks again, Nuffnang!

p/s: boyfie wearing the hoodie i bought for him :)

 Went for dinner @Ikea again. omg how can you resist these yummeh swedish meatballs? *mouthwatering* it is the boyfie's first time trying after listening to me talkin how AWESOME they are. and eventually, he is in love with the meatballs to (which i am happy and sad in the same time coz there will be someone snatching sharing meatballs with me :( )

btw, it is this tee again. haha! feel so comfy in it :) die hard Kitschen fans. 

the premiere screening was held @Cathay Cineplex

ok end. 

short hor? yeap. i'll elaborate a lil more then. 
Some says this is a boring movie and not worth watching etc etc. but for me (and the boyfie) it was not awesome but we liked it :) i keep recalling about what they actually said and it really gave me a shock when i knew it was a #truestory at the end of the movie. *teary* it is a typical romance. yet, it really did happened in real life. i had a lot of space to think literally in this movie so i like it! coz fyi i need time to refresh my thoughts one. 0.0

ok, seriously, end :) 

Freshman ♥


I had been busy working and now studying. :D *YAY* finally i can have my normal busy daily routine. (sounds weird huh?) i know i know you will hear me complain about the assignments and examination then but, deep inside, i still love them #justsaying

tie my hair up in uni. ;) with a pair of nerdy specs. 0________0

 i sleep a lot. all of the friends says i should sleep more if i can now. coz i will soon get immune from being sleepy. which sounds, scary. and coffee will be my best friend? let's hope not.

i would like to share some pix below. my working mate. i dont usually communicate or to say it's, get along with people who are elder than me. :( when i say i didnt get along it doesnt mean i have some issues with them. it's just that, i am not that.... talkative. heh.
from L-R, Top to bottom: YuenTeng the cheerleader :), Me la -.-, WeiChee the Master student who can still work, and HsiuLuan the one who LOL in an epic way xD

we are all in different ages. ;) 
i am not the youngest anymore :( YuenTeng is. 

this is the craziness.

THIS is the REAL craziness. -.-

i love this :) everyone is so pretty!

alright, i'll start to do the revision. hahahahaha! which doesnt sound like me :P

fyi, Psychologist cant read minds :)

The Vow♥


i just watched The Vow trailer from YouTube and it made me feel like crying alr. :( i need a packet of tissue tonight!

I heard a lot of my friends said that The Notebook and Dear John is truly a great romance movie. and this time, the actors in this two movies are filming The Vow. I am so lucky to be a part of Nuffnangers to watch the premiere screening! *yayyyy* i hope i could also meet the awesome bloggers besides watching the movie coz i missed a lot of fun during the Volkswagen test drive as i was late. :(

see you tonight! i hope.



I truly believe in this thing call FAITH. :)
1. I went to BSN today to kao dim my PTPTN stuff, and there is this lady, at the counter who has the same IC number with me :) only the year is different! omg what a coincidence!
2. and chitchatted with a Promoter at work last night and found out the girl is the senior of my bf. :)
3. there is a girl at work who is my cousin's friend
4. a girl at work is studying at the same uni with me :)
 I am so lucky. if you think CHEHHH LIKE THAT ONLY MA. but i am memang happy right now :)

it has been quite a while i didnt snap pix with so many expression

so, 11th March right after the picnic i rushed home and prepared for a dinner. it's my mom's school having a dinner etc but the main point i went is, to get my scholarship ngehehehehe!

Fabulous three:)
 since the dinner was held at Tien Hou Gong, we went to the temple to pray as usual ;)

this is something random and awkward. my mom's friend is one of the crew of the organizer. and they need somebody to go on stage to hand the cheque to the sponsors etc. so, my sister and i were told to do so because we wore dresses . 0_0
i am the green thing. haha!

addicted to this game! DRAW SOMETHING. which made everyone thinking what the heck is the word. 

the reason why this post is entitled FAITH is because of....
this 10 years bestie honey Kathy appeared in front of me! wtf! 

my mom and her dad are schoolmates and they didnt know. oh yuan lai..... the world is so small! It's a small world after all....

also met a girl called Yevon whom we have a mutual friend lol.

so happy for having our money and meeting each other :D

 PS: i love my hairdo! 

haha! $________$

no idea why are they so happy also LOL

outfit of the day. i looked like a plant thou. 

we looked like we are in outerspace. lol.

adults table
children table
 although we are all almost grown ups now. haha! time flies.
Mom: you know hor you all used to snatch your fluffy toys when you were all young. remember that worm plush toy you had? it was ripped into half when you all were snatching it. hahahahaha.
Me: ..... (  i am sorry mom i couldnt remember)

Family :)

they argue all the time but they still love each other. mom always nag about dad. but she still loves her. sometimes i wonder, how does she do that?

love me with fake lashes? haha :D 

having orientation on Wedn. i am so nervous yet excited. hope i can see familiar faces that day. god  plez let me social properly and not talk crap by that time. :D

and one last funny pic.
no idea what the heck am i trying to do. but it is really funnny


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