My Valentine ♥


His fav pic of the day :)
 oh hey! today was half awesome half disaster. i dont wana talk about the disaster. so here we go with the awesome part ;)

Had the pre-celebration of Valentine's day with Mr.C today coz....

so better celebrate it earlier.
LOL!  #justsaying

coz his class starts early and ends in the evening. Screw you IMU. -.-

our early dinner :) @Tony Romas, The Garden.

Fried mushrooms
  this is my all time fav. but the portion is toooooo big for 2 pax. dapao-ed home. LOL. love the sauce!

baked potato skins
 with cheeeeeseeee on it. but i dont like the sauce. :(

Fish and Chips
 this is also my fav coz it is always the yummiest and cheapest one. -.-

now, the prezzie exchange ceremony. i insist to exchange prezzie on the spot coz i love seeing surprised expressions. :)

Origami hearts with post-it notes on it and origami love letter. :) me love Youtube! but still, screw you origami. 0________0

guess what! he did origami roses for me. but he's cleverer. he did it himself after looking at a picture of it. wtf. Y I NO SO CLEVER.

Mr.C: happy anot? Me: (show him this face)

chilled @ Jonker Sweets Desserts, Midvalley since it's raining.


I am happy. :) thanks for being there with me all the time (Y)

My valentine gift.
 this is my first, FIRST necklace. yala i kno i lame la. i always thought that necklace have a important message in it and only important people can give you this. Clover = lucky. this is what we always thought. we both agree that we're too lucky to meet each other. therefore, we cherish :)

ohya, know why am i blogging with soooooooooooo many pix again? heh! see what i just got!

Nikon D3000
 bought a second hand one. coz i am not a pro in DSLR. -.- what for buy new one is it? Thanks March :)

I told you i love Youtube
 Now learning how to use a DSLR via Youtube. any tips to use DSLR?  :)

now i can blog #likeaboss

enjoy blogging and reading!


  1. awwwwwwwwwww..both of u so so sweet! stay lovely ya <3

  2. what a lovely session, Happy Velentine's Day <3

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