My secret affairs. ♥


 so, i am goina blog about the 13th Feb. which is the audition day. *sigh* didnt make it thou. not blaming anyone. all i can say is, i didnt do my best *facepalms* :(

practicing in the car.

MASSIVE JAM. 0_____0

Thanks for driving me there honey :*

you see! even can camwhore in car -.- 
 stuck in the traffic for 2 hours! from Puchong to 1U only weh! MALAYSIA'S TRAFFIC Y U NO IMPROVE. D:

so, it ended early. went Sunway University College and Kathy showed me the place. just you kno la i dont want awkward moment to happen when i start my Uni. :P

5 minutes canopy walk to Sunway Pyramid.

can kill some fat cells in my body. LOL.

Brunch/Tea at my all time fav @Auntie Anne's

chilled quite long there and i finally know how to control my DSLR's exposure and shutter speed thingy. but still have to master it la. can someone help me -.- 

best shoot of the day!
 this somehow looks like those blogshop *ehem* model *ehem* photoshoot *ehem*

lovin this top from Kitshen! 

and finally, went for our early dinner at our same chitchat venue @WongKok 

i love milk tea :)

Borsh Soup

Rice w/ crispy chicken in plum sauce.
 p/s: i am clever now. i tweet the food's name, so i dont have to memorize em. LOL.

okay la maybe not too clever coz i forgot to tweet Kathy's food. -.-

finalleh May came and join :) 

 guess what are we doing? :P

*hugs and kisses* 
i love my girls. 

i love talking to them. words that can't be told to the others, but only them. 
they are my secret affair coz we met on Valenswine's day! 0——0 just in case you dont know. heh.

oh, those paper's in pieces, it's for this.

hard to choose a date for our celebration, the JI MUI DAY. we so-called. :)
stepping to the 10th anniversary of our friendship! 

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