HI! it's been a busy weekend. although my weekend hasnt end -.- well, yesterday went back to school. oh my, old times ( although it's just last year) missed the hawker stall outside and those days we creep out of school just to eat em heh! 

oh by the way, referring to the title of this post, it's because i had sooooo muchhhh laughter with the SCC(song composing club) mates! aww<3
messy hair. 0_____0
 climbed all the way to 5th floor. wth. still panting as usual like those days.

met the juniors and it's so heart-warming when they say they miss you and asking you to go back :)

omg my forever favourite Siew Mai and the donut truck!:)
(i found that alot of food is my forever fav. wtf no wonder cannot slim down la -.-)

:D otw to CHKL's favourite or so-called ONLY lepak spot. MUTIARA. 


 i didnt know there is such snack restaurant there -______- after 6 years studying in CHKL, this is my first time there. fml.

2 bb users sharing their bb info. 

hi season :)
 and now, the gathering time, met the others at our favorite spot in Mutiara. (ohmy, another fav)

TomYam Loh YeeMee. *slurp*

fromleft: Agnes, Season, ahBui, Jenny, Joanne, me, YuXin.

i dont really know what am i talking about, probably about my D3000?

 we talked alot! from the scc seniors to juniors, the phones to the new coins, and LOL-ed max at Jenny's name. still LOL-ing. -.-

bottoms up! :P 

wana fight!??  LOL.
 the next round was actually CHEONGK. how can you not cheongk with these music lovers? but, the promo session was over, wtf RM52++! moved on with planB. ;) EAT. 

Dinner @Ikea

Kid's meal.

Chicken Wings.

 I couldnt resist saying HEN HAO CHI and asking HEN HAO CHI HOERRR?. 0_____0 i forgot how many times i said that. which made me myself frustrated also. LOL.

ahBlue and KokFoo.

calculating the bill. 

the photography lover but camera shy. -.-

and got a call from Yuki, got a job! ;) 

raining heavily! 

last meatball.
 although i love meatballs but everyone's stomach is stuffed with meatballs. so to decide who had to eat it  up. we did this.

alright that's me. -.-

she's very happy coz she got her idol's -- Season's coin. =.= 

Season's self-made purse!
 ohmygod how cute it is! very detailed somemore. she is so good at handicraft. she's good at almost everything! mygawd. :D for me, sewing is something difficult, very very difficult. D:

wandering around Ikea.

 to be frank, this is my first time going in Ikea. -.- wth. my parents dont shop at Ikea one k. dont blame me. that's why i feel so alienated when they say they came 'taking' pencils from each spot when they were kiddos.

okay la no big deal actually.

sudden crave for ice-cream. WE LOVE DIE IKEA'S ICE-CREAM MACHINE! all of us lol-ed so hard and had fun with it. sounds like a bunch of lil kiddo first time using the machine (which is the fact)

you can tell we're extremely LOL-ing hard all day, dont you?

Samsung Galaxy Note. woww. 

saw a parade thingy. #random

loving the deco. 

before we leave, we thought of having a last group pix. 

first take, 
NG! and lol-ed max
 wtf so failed. always happen forgetting to zoom out before i camwhore -.- #lessonlearnt

not to successful. we liked the effect thou.

i'm so sorry if this post is too long/ spammed with alot of pix. i just cant help it! i love all the moments together and i dont wana miss these moments.

before i end this post,

Dear Season,  all the best in Taiwan. i know you didnt wana tell us the date you're leaving because you didnt want us to have those farewells and crying scene ( or the truth is you dont want us to see you cry ) heh! I hope you enjoy your studies in Taiwan. I had and will always love you music :) they are always the inspiration to all of us. you're our idol. we love you! i hope to munch your homemade cookies and cakes when you're back!



  1. Awww~ it's so touching~
    thx a lot babeh <3
    I will take care and keep on moving~ you also ar =D

  2. Nath: yea:) the atmosphere is good for schoolmates. :) it's actually all liquid paper haha.

    Season: awwww<3 i will, in order to walk closer to my dreams. LOVEYOU!



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