dear girls ♥


o hai yo.
mehhh i got bored with red lips. #justsaying. i still luv red lips, but not mine :(
idk what's wrong with my camera/sd card. computer cannot read it. nevermind, it'll be alright.

Valentine is around the corner. canceled the valentine dinner plan. having a pre-lunch celebration. and now working with the prezzie. hope everything goes well.

below, is some you-think-i-am-talking-nonsense post. you can choose not to read. :)

girls, some complicated animal. heh. who doesnt even knows what they want. i hate those who says: plez dont sai meng there, show off your love everywhere etc and critics the lovey dovey's lifestyle. of coz, i dont like the emo one either. but if you're the #foreveralone type. go find you game. coz if you're in our shoes, you definitely cant resist your love too. (not mentioning anyone, just, you know la, i come across some post)

gahhh, it's simple. girls are meant to be loved. and of coz, boys are meant to be understood. :)

dear girls, 
plez try to understand him. he loves you with all his heart. you kno it deep it inside you. when an argument comes, try to think and understand each other. argument is a small matter coz, the love between you two is a huge one. 

dear boy, :) ily. but i want to be a princess, your princess. to be loved all the time. 



  1. totally agree what u said dear!
    ''girls are meant to be loved. and of coz, boys are meant to be understood'' << love this to the max!
    take care and miss u~ <3

  2. :) heh! i love those days we gossip about our boy <3 Luv you toooo! penguinmok definitely treat you well.

  3. I like it too :)
    Girls are meant to be loved ;P
    girl's thinking! hahahaha <3



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