Big Band? ♥


last week was fun. this week will be busy. finally i feel like i am alive instead being aimless doing nothing at home. 0.0 oh well, this post is going to be with pix and less words. just scroll down. 

my first time blogging about these guys.

hi, Mr.C

Px Cheah


my position in this band.
 which i am not pro at all. i am thinking if PX is really heading to Aus, this band is going to be dead coz there will be no more drummer and keyboardist LOL. (fyi, px is the one who helps me with the keyboard D:)



there you go :) 

the sky started pouring rain down after the band practice .________. so went chilled a while @OldTown

till then :)


  1. Great pics but makes me wonder what kind of music does your band play. Love that blue guitar. Pls do read my what goes around comes back around, thks:)

  2. fun fun fun! next time can I disturb by jamming with your band? XD

  3. Most Desirable: thanks :) er chinese songs probably, we are playing for fun actually :) read! :)

    Nath: haha! i dont mind you jamming with us :D

    greenleaf: :D LOL i sound so old. bu ke qi!

  4. oooh your band pics are awesome! You should post a video! ^^



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