Volkswagen Test Drive #2 ♥


aloha! heh, i guess everyone knows i went for Volkswagen (VW) test drive last Saturday isnt it? if you'd been following me on Twitter. i am so happy! 

btw, i am not wearing color lens anymore temporarily. heh. after reading the newspaper. -.- I AM A COWARD i kno but i dont want to be blind k. 

special thanks to the buddy YiZhang coz he came and fetch me to Desa Park City. lost our way. spend 2 hours to the place. even lost our way in Desa Park City. wtf. was so tired already when i reach. but! energy boost up when i see VW! :P

the woman beside is Eva :) 
 i was nervous max that i did something so embarrassing. -.- wtf. start the car, change the gear to D and waited for it to go. and Eva says: you have to put the handbreak down if not it will not move forever. 
OhMaiGod. so embarrassing. and i even forgot to put on my safety belt. wtf #phailed.

:D this is Polo 1.2 TSI. 

hello! you're cute VW.
 YiZhang was the camera man and he says: NO not like this one. must pose like this. 

there he is -.-
 so, i did follow.
but, so failed. no good at posing. 

the booth.


got a goodie bag with a VW polo tee. ;D luvit! 
 we actually had a chance to drive the others but temporarily there is no others there yet. D: so, since i am tired and having a slight headache, we decide to go.

here, I must thanks Nuffnang! this is my first time participating activities of Nuffnang. but i do hope it will not be the last! :D

met Mr.C :)
Kenny Rogers @Leisure Mall.

his 1/4 meal :) 
my Caesar Salad. too salty. D; i am serious about my diet plan k. 


Camwhore. LOL.



frownface + smile = makes you look like crying, LOL.
perpetual smile (Y) 

TIRING yet still happy overall.:) although something sad happened at night but everything is ok now. happy-go-lucky mahhhh! 

4 more days till CNY. angpao na lai!


  1. are you serious about your diet plan????

  2. LOL yes i am seriously serious! :D
    heh now everytime i want ice cream/ junk food, he'll nag me like that wtf. so sad. :(



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