Swedish MeatBalls ♥

1.08.2012 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

the weather is so freaking hot. -.- i am now a typical couch potato wtf. so aimless. i prefer to be busy. yes, i like to torture myself at least i am not useless when i am busy can. 


remember the post about me participating  Ultimate Power Star that the 2 buddies is going to buy me red lingerie if i passed the audition? they did! from La Senza! 

it was actually a very random outing since we got our UEC results. not desperate. we found our own way to celebrate. we got 9As! 3 of our results, all together. wtf. -.-

RedBox @The Curve w/ the Karaoke mates.

me,agnes, clo. 

outfit of the day. 

ok, this is the best part of the day! 

Late brunch @IKEA's food court :D *mouthwatering*

i already heard about the signature food of IKEA for x1000 times. and i never get a chance to try it :( thanks god Agnes Ang randomly brought me there. imma happy! :D:D:D:D

helloooo Swedish Meatballs with fries. imma gonna eat you up! 
 i actually love the mushroom gravy with the idk what berry jam. 0...0 weird combination i thought. but it tasted like heaven! #overreact
nuggets and fries.

tasty chicken wings :)

I am now hungry again. wtf how to gam fei like this *____*

btw Uni starts in March! *excited*

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