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still at home packing my room D: 14 days till CNY! i am happy coz i can feel the CNY atmosphere around.  now waiting for my salary and go do some CNY shopping!

applying for Uni is even harder than doing the UEC Maths. LOL. Uni application Y U NO EASY? 

back to the day me and Mr.C went back to school to prepare the documents for Uni application.

Naked face.
 that morning was a rush. i dont like driving seriously coz i am a direction noob 0.0 wtf. lost my way to school. 6years alr! i still cannot remember the way. *bangwall*

the no-eye-see results. 
 Chatime @Leisure Mall.

Caramel Milk Tea with Pearl :) me love caramellllll

Sakae Sushi @Leisure Mall. 

Genmaicha is luv!

the reason why i prefer Sakae Sushi than SushiKing is this :) i luv the green tea so much! ehehC:

Soft shell crab <3

X'mas special sushi. LOL. 
 tasted quite weird bcoz of the combination of chocolate chip and sushi. -.-

Drama king 0______0

this fella pretending he's driving -.-

LUVS!  *bites*

Mr.C came back from Korea and bought me this ..

Talking Tom Cx
luv it! but it is too thick to wear it in such hot Malaysia's weather. :( so sad. 

have a nice day everyone! :) xoxo.

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