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HAPPY 2012!

whops i have not start to pen to post about 2012 yet. :P never mind it is better late than never. 

so this post, it's about, OLIVIA ONG's PROMO TOUR on 30th Dec 2011 at Sungei Wang. Mr.C bought me her ROMANCE album last year (i cant believe i am saying last year already 0.0), so i get to get her autograph that day! but before that, a CNY shopping with my sister. 

and wtf again, CNY is happening in 2 weeks time D:  WHY SO FAST ONE. 

LATE LUNCH + DINNER at the Esquire Kitchen.

happy with her beats earphones. 

Fried Sauce Noodles. 

Fried dumpling is a must have there. 


and after that.... *drumsroll*

here we gooooo!

his lan c face. 

emcee: JYM from Myfm.

and here she comes!!!!!!! i am extremely excited. we went quite early so we got the front row. i can see her, RIGHT INFRONT OF MEEEE! 

i like her heels ;)

now, the autographs session.
JYM asks who wants to be the first?
Me, shaking the album on my hands thinking: ME ME CHOOSE MEEEEE! 
and, he pointed at me. and i SCREAMED OUT LOUD. which made him think i am a crazy. -.-

the first :D:D

i asked her to write my name and Mr.C's name on it. heh! she did!
ME SO HAPPAY. *grins*

although so, i think Olivia Ong looks so pale and skinny. wayyyy toooooo skinny compare to the one she started debuting. Take Care! 

Share Tea again -.- her fave. no choice. 

:) <3 I am still so happy!
oh and btw. no more ambitious 2012 resolution this time coz it doesnt works. all i do is just jot down my to-do-list every month. it will be more effective, i hope.

have a nice year!


  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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