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 I can feel the Malaysia's weather everyday D: Y U NO WINDY.

erherm back to last Sunday. went TimeSquare with the Fabulous3 for CNY shopping. shopped like crazy! now i think clothes in TimeSquare is much more cheaper than SungeiWang and much more choices. so, TimeSquare is my shopping heaven now :D

Brunch: SweetChat @TimeSquare


Blue Ocean with annoying bro Wayne
My Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread
 gahhhhh CNY atmosphere getting stronger which makes me eating CNY cookies like crazy. wtf. nooooo! D:

Honey Beef Burger with Chips

Spicy Beef Pasta

TongYuen with Almond Cream

TeaTime: AuntieAnne's @TimeSquare

not much photos about the shopping part. helllooooo who shops and snap photos? 0.0 okay lah i dont. gahh.

i see many people snap photo with the bear statue in front of Pavillion. so ME WANT!!! met Mr.C and Kheryin. 

CNY decorations. is so luv!

bumped into these 2 girls :) YEEWEN & BLUE.
 okay la actually they waited for me there. heh :D

Boost @Pavillion. 
i actually luv this beverage. although abit costly. :( but it is more healthy and not that fattening compared to Starbucks etc. and i can drink it for so long. heh. and i luv the service! she knows everyone's my name LOL.

our Passion Mango Smoothies

sipping his Strawberry Banana Smoothie which somehow turned into Chocolate 0.0

the main reason i joined them in Pavillion is because of the promote tour of the new movie The Viral Factor. JayChou was there, and so, the crowd, SUPERPACK!

the common word to describe JayChou 

there you go, JayChou's is in the house. feel the screaming. wtf. not a big fans of him thou :/ . if i watch the movie, it'll probably me wanting to watch Nicholas Tee. weeeeee.

i am standing very farrrr from the stage and the CNY decorations are blocking the sight. wtf. i can hear everyone getting pissed off about the tanglungs. LOL.

some late night photos

Respect For ALL life ;)
 Love the idea of it.

Proudly present you, THE FABULOUS THREE!
cant wait for tmr's reunion luch and dinner :D



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