Happy 2012 @ Geographer ♥


PARTAY   :) 
I read a few blogs these days since i have nothing to do -.- and everyone already blogged about the countdown party of 2012. mine... ok now. if i blogged later... everyone will be like: SIEN DIAO LEH.

I wasn't feeling quite well that day. :( was really worried about the night that i couldn't party. :P luckily everything was alright :D

before going out for dinner:)

outfit of the day :) love the leopard prints.

:P kacau-ed him on the phone. 

Dinner at TGIF @IOI Mall.

both busy with the phones -.-

forever ji muis ;) 


after the dinner we went The Geographer @ IOI Boulevard. so sad we couldn't make reservations and by the time we reached, FULL HOUSE -.- omg. but the traffic that day was unexpectedly quite smooth. maybe everyone has phobia about new year eve's traffic? :X

although so, it was superb random to meet a  few of my primary school mates who joined us :) and the funniest part is, my mum smsed us that she's in The Geographer too 0__________0

so ended up, partied together!


the coolest family ever :D
btw this is the way Mr.C met my parents -.-

and now, 00:00 of 2012!

the night is still young. keep partying :)

not tall enough when i am wearing heels? XD

the random party rockers : P 

i had my family., my love, my besties around. 
i love all of you! i bet 2012 will be a great year! 

xoxo miss breakfast.

i changed my header btw. :) as a new start for my blog. luvs!

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