Cranberry White Chocolate @Starbucks ♥


Greetings! how's the 2012 start going on with you? mine is so far still so good = boring. 0.0 now looking for freelance job. need to earn more this year! i must get what i wanted for ages: MY VERY OWN CAMERA. :X and i want to get it with my own money. heh! wish me luck :D

Went Starbucks @IOI Mall . why am i going Starbucks so often? no, not because i am rich. i still think Starbucks is a lil costly. it's because i had buy one free one voucher! hoho i had one and Mr.C had one. :) and after that i applied Starbucks member card. i can redeem a free drinks! :) so happy! 

Cranberry White Chocolate.
I am not a caffeine person D: idk, my mum LOVES caffeine that she must have a cup every morning. but me NO. i'll feel dizzy after caffeine, especially in the car. wtf. so lame. and my heart skips a beat after caffeine. tada i can have insomnia 0_______0 so not cool.

end this post with baby Momo :D (helllloooooo!)



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