2012 = End of the world? ♥


oh, hi!

not feeling well today. my legs are numb, i can float. er ok that freaks me out.

Ryan Higa's video lightens my day once again! and this brought me blogging here.
so do you really believe it's the end of the world? #rumors well, not me. people are so crazy about this and even used up all their money to just live like hell since it's goina be the end of the world. (this is what i read in the newspaper. in the end his gf and daughter both left him. aha!) -.-

what's in their mind?! oh why bother it's the end of the world when you are having a wonderful life with the loves? why tell the loved ones ILY only when it comes to the end of the world? why not do it everyday from now on whenever you mean it? *sigh*


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