Dec babehs!



aloha! coming to end of Dec. :D had been sleeping well, eating well, playing well, and sleeping again. HA!

i had a fantastic November.

1. I am graduated. after 6 years in ChongHwa. it's nothing. just kidding. I almost suffocate here. but i am lucky coz i am still alive. but still, thanks, coz i met marvelous peoples here, had unforgettable memories and nightmares, i mean sweet dreams.
2. I danced. er, not much to say. coz, it's been 5 years i hadnt dance.

3. went hiking on almost Sundays. family kinda obsessed with this activity.  

4. Went for a graduation trip with the sm3 classmates :)

5. went for my 1st prom night. and performed. :D 

6. this, is my UEC pass. the best ID photo i'd taken. omg. this reminds me, UEC result will be announce on 21st Dec. *bite fingers*


this is baby bear

this is baby caster.
8. LOST THEM. :*( i miss them. i miss my baby boys. plez contact me if you'd seen them around Puchong area. appreciate with all the help. :) 

9. oh ya, i'll do something kinda extraordinary this coming Friday. wish me luck!


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