Audrey is engaged :)


heh. i am so so happy. Mr.C just called. :) *giggles*
it's already 6days he's gone in Korea. tmr he'll be in Beijing. i am thinking, it's just 6days. and i am like a crazy woman who misses him like hell. oh my. what if i am really going overseas for studies for 8 years? :( *sadness*

this is what happens when you really fall for someone.

oh crap. i wana blog about the blogger Audrey who got engaged! :D i just watched their proposal video HERE. :D and her blog post about the proposal HERE. awwwww. which make my tears rolling in my eyes. heh.


ohkay got to go sleep.*yawn* jogging tmr morning. coz Mr.C doesn't believe i can get slim *grr*

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