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12.20.2011 IOI Mall, Ioi Mall Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Malaysia

C:   Chocolate Cream Chip 

I got my results. *sadness* but not that sad. coz it is not as bad as i expected. *sigh* but still ok. so, hopefully i still get to apply for the courses i wanted. :(

so i didn't want to spoil my happy mood coz whenever i am sad, i eat -.- #phailed. 

a long time ago post.


watched Arthur Christmas after went Karaoke together with Mr.C
coz i always watch Christmas movies before Christmas.

Arthur :)
 how sweet of him! he reads and replies all the children's letter ;D

 My favorite elf in this movie. he can wrap a present with only 2 cellophane tape. and, there is always time for ribbon :D

Mr Santa
 i love movies with a lot of small creature. such as Despicable Me. LOL.

the lil girl that didnt receive her present. 

how i wish i could write to Santa Claus too :)

5days to go! C:

♥xoxo *_*

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