Audrey is engaged :)


heh. i am so so happy. Mr.C just called. :) *giggles*
it's already 6days he's gone in Korea. tmr he'll be in Beijing. i am thinking, it's just 6days. and i am like a crazy woman who misses him like hell. oh my. what if i am really going overseas for studies for 8 years? :( *sadness*

this is what happens when you really fall for someone.

oh crap. i wana blog about the blogger Audrey who got engaged! :D i just watched their proposal video HERE. :D and her blog post about the proposal HERE. awwwww. which make my tears rolling in my eyes. heh.


ohkay got to go sleep.*yawn* jogging tmr morning. coz Mr.C doesn't believe i can get slim *grr*

Arthur Christmas ♥

12.20.2011 IOI Mall, Ioi Mall Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Malaysia

C:   Chocolate Cream Chip 

I got my results. *sadness* but not that sad. coz it is not as bad as i expected. *sigh* but still ok. so, hopefully i still get to apply for the courses i wanted. :(

so i didn't want to spoil my happy mood coz whenever i am sad, i eat -.- #phailed. 

a long time ago post.


watched Arthur Christmas after went Karaoke together with Mr.C
coz i always watch Christmas movies before Christmas.

Arthur :)
 how sweet of him! he reads and replies all the children's letter ;D

 My favorite elf in this movie. he can wrap a present with only 2 cellophane tape. and, there is always time for ribbon :D

Mr Santa
 i love movies with a lot of small creature. such as Despicable Me. LOL.

the lil girl that didnt receive her present. 

how i wish i could write to Santa Claus too :)

5days to go! C:

♥xoxo *_*

The Christmas Song by Jayesslee ♥


awww how sweet of them making a christmas video. :) finally both of them put their hair down :D heh! (if you'd notice one of them usually tie they hair while the other not)

ps; in breakeven both of them tied their hair up. LOL. :P

exactly one more week till x'mas :) found your celebrations partay?

and also 7days more :Dheh!

Ultimate Power Star ♥


:) i want to have juicy lips  :X

went for 8tv Ultimate Power Star audition at RedBox, Sunway Pyramid this afternoon. :) keep on practicing my songs even in my dream :P haha. well, practice makes perfect. although i am not, but that means i have a lot to improve isnt it :D  

 i think mummy is going to buy Toto with this number. LOL
Orange :)
 omg she has super long and slim legs! :D so nice!

Agnes Ang, Cloey Khoo, Me :) 
 Thanks for them to be there supporting! it really helps to kill my fears. :D THANKSALOT! and Agnes Ang purposely came to Puchong to fetch me. IMMA SO HAPPY!

Sister, Vicky

 Sister also came along :D hahahhahahaha. :) she's always there giving me some opinions. ngehehe.

I had butterflies in my stomach in the waiting room. D: 

sang Breakeven by The Script and also the chinese song, same old problem, have to brush up my chinese songs, means, i have a lot of hard work to do in order to pass the 2nd round

even so......

 :) YAY! *jumps up and down*
the judges gave me a chance! have to do well, GOOD .

the freaking nerves made me hungry. HEH!

Taiwan cuisine for luunch :)

Apple Milk :) 

the signature smile and eyes -.-

 this, Agnes and Clo treated me this!  YUMYUMYUMMEH! they even dare themselves to buy me a hot red lingerie if i pass the audition! :D NGEHEH La Senza's!

Fried squid

Taiwan chicken rib noodles. 

Bill $$

bro :) 
 Mummy cannot even believe i pass the audition. even now. XD


btw there is a new family member in the house.


welcome to the Chang family :D it's a she. <3 we decided to adopt her coz her owner keep on threatening her. poor lil Momo. we'll love her with care  

airplane is departing to Korea at 10:30pm. :( 10days. *sigh*


Happy advance X'mas with Mr.C ♥


Mr. & Mrs.

HOHOHO! although CNY songs already started in shopping malls. but i am still in X'mas mood! :b me love x'mas! since Mr.C cannot accompany me on X'mas we decided to celebrate it a lil earlier. :D and also, 1st Valentine . just in case i am really going for NS on January.

outfit of the day: dress -.- which he asked me to wear. 

see how happy he is. =.=

Lucky Draw at RedBox The Gardens.

Starbucks :) 
 Chocolate Cream Chip is luv! :D:D:D 

you kno what. i love spending time, chit chatting and having a cup of my fave beverage. i can spend the whole day like this! 

and then, exchanging prezzie is also a part of x'mas spirit isnt it. :P 

see. his reaction when he opens my present....


happy boy he is.

this is from Mr Forever. LOL.  

mine! :D 

 it is actually a puppet. ngaha! i have no idea why he give me this. -.- but, I LOVE IT.:P

Ferrero Rocher. ;D
 he loves chocolate so much. omg. always buying chocolate. which makes me getting fat with him, myself.
he eats and never gain weight -.- *jealous*

imma happy girl  *wink*
 you dont kno how much i love him. :) 

omgwtfbbq. tmr is the day :D *bite fingers*

and he's flying to Korea tmr night :(


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