Windy. feel the breeze :)
quick summary for what's happening in life right now just before i forget all of them :D

1. I am in love the lucky guy is Mr.C, just kidding, he's unlucky i guess. :D
2. I am having/growing long hair in two months time! *cheers* 
3. I am also having the UEC in two months time D: 
4. Lil G is the new lappie. thanks daddy :) i can blog more often then! :) er, after UEC. thanks.
5. Loving my family and baby boys even more right now
6. I need to burn calories. wtf.
7. Working hard for a better tomorrow. 
8. Awaiting for a nice vacation after the UEC.  
9. Learning how to sing Yellow and Breakeven.
10. Still loving breakfast all the time! :D 

kiss the world and say good bye! :3

Mr.C aka he-so-called-himself Mr. Breakfast ==
haha just in case he says he didnt appear in my blog LOL.

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