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 hey ho! it's been quite a long long time i had not update a actual post. :P hehe.
so, IMMA OFFICIALLY 8TEEN on 6th April! :D

so, went for celebration which they made my 8teen a fantastic one :")
1st round was celebrated with my forever love ones May & Kathy @Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid.

 Cute Restaurant! you guys should visit too! and the service was great. teehee.the dishes come in big portion so those who cant eat much should share.

Kathy on the left. 

my berries smoothies. :)

Shrimp as main course. i am a shrimp lover! 

May acting as if she was a camera shy :P

showing off her big flower hair band. 

Dessert: "The Chocalate thing". & Kathy's annoying peace sign. LOL

for the friendship! *cling*

Thanks to the friendly waiter, SHAH. he's a nice guy :)

another great day with the girls!

awwwwww, thanks so much for spending the day with me. i enjoy and cherish the moment we are today. ILY

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