People come and go ♥


woah. it's the 1st school holiday! :) but suffering from sore throat and cough. :( *sigh*
well, the 1st semester examination just ended too. hmm, i should had done better.

had yamcha session with Shaun and Coody and the SCCs this afternoon. felt, really er, not to say sad, but, kinda emotional i guess. coz, people come and go, so sudden, so quick. and things change, so fast, i am not comfortable with it. i miss you guys, people i'd share stories with. i hope things doesn't change, if it really does change, make it the best memories for us :)

*sigh* i didnt want to be emotional, so, yea, happy-go-lucky ♥

a song to share: Terrified by Katherine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi

thanks ahJia for sharing such great song with me :)

when will i be in love again?


  1. hmmph i thought you are already in love with me :'( shhh,dont tell clo~ <3

  2. oppppsss
    pass by xp
    dun let them i pass by x)



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