It's the time, grown ups. ♥


How i celebrated my valentine. :) with the besties! yup, i am single yet i had the best valentine ever!

as usual, we had our fave KTV!

sang all our fave song sekali gus! syok max :)
 and we went Sense Cafe IOI Mall to see YuHeng. ;D

she's so small size. omg. she's the hangfuk lady :D

 and had a simple dinner at Sakae Sushi IOI Mall.

my fave green tea is Sakae's coz there's some rice taste in it :))

Babe, it's the time, we work hard for the future and carry the responsibilities, grown ups:)

Keep Smiling! ♥



i will not be blogging so often like i did. because life is running. T________T. but still. i'll post something worth sharing, like this : 
your truly :D (miss me?)

the 5 years classmate JOJO CHIA

the not-a-boy girlfriend. HongKai. 

the girl call KHERYIN :DDD 

Keep Smiling everyone. ILYA'LL



how to describe such family! :D coolest family ever! & they are somebody that will not leave me behind.

Stephanie Sun ♥


i can't take my eyes off this chio lady. :)

24 ♥

too awesome to love!

Happy CNY


we are all strong and smiling tough coz life needs to go on

I'll be missing her. i guess life needs to be different from the moment she leave us. now, i shall continue my life, but make it better. be a good daughter, sister and friend. :) thanks for the condolences. i'd seen different things these days. my mummy is the toughest woman i'd ever seen.

ILY POPO. i'll be good. go celebrate cny with gong gong! :)


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