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Hey HO! how's everyone's college life/school life? sm3 is tougher than i'd imagine. :( but it's alright. i am coping quite well :D

here i shall share with you how i'd celebrated my new year eve.
no countdown party, no friends, only family. 

since grandma got admitted to the hospital, we didnt wana let her countdown alone so we celebrated it simple and nice.
looking through pix we snapped

she looks much more better and ate quite alot that day :)

:D Happy 2011. we ♥ you popo.

but she's not okay right now. admitted to hospital again. it's already, i don't know how many times already. this time, quite critical. i hope, everything will be fine. she'll be there for reunion dinner. i know that.

tell me why?


Loving this :D
ok la i kno i am always busy. paiseh.


still cannot accept i am already 18. cannot believe i am one of the oldest one in Chong Hwa. I still cannot accept i had been studying in Chong Hwa for the 6th years already. *arghhhhhhhh*


well, CNY is getting near :D *wee* *happy* bought your cny clothes? :)

i am very regret i called you that night. hate it when i started pouring everything out so easily in front of you. hate myself for still believing in you after so many times you did not keep your promises. you said i did not understand you. yes, i didnt understand you. i did not understand why can't you do something to prove that you still love me like you said so. it's a lie! but it's ok. i am hating you right now, coz the is no more trust between you and me.       but why? why it had to be like that.

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