Broga Hills Sunrise#2 ♥


WINK! im happy :D
 yes, as you see, i used to be a twitter and blog addict, but i am a Facebook kia lately, thanks to 5sAiers :) ♥ i enjoy spamming them, like-ing those pix, and continue spamming! LOL.

everyone is on their way to the second step of life to the future, yet, i hope time stops now, i wana be like this forever :(

Share with you guys, my very 1st sunrise :) (made a wish when i saw the 1st beam!)

all awaiting :)

my xiaolaoshu!

two macam emo fella XD

thankiew voonswean! bringing the guitar up! actually i love the feelings when we watch the sunrise with the guitar around :)


LeeJunYan force WaiHao to listen to his joke. LOL

i still love the sunrise! ♥

trying to pose JunYan's chok yong but ended up lansi. epic failed!


it's ok you can ignore him :P

the cute and leng Rachel!

:D i consider him as the great listener, ahGam.

he still dont wana smile :( SMILE WAIHOW!

the happy XueZhen she really laughs alot!

Muahs! my all time fave xiaolaoshu VIC

emo king FangFang

xiaopanpan :)

bestie JunYan :D

best classmate ever! JingRong.

very hangfuk Cayee! she is so cute! Mr Dinosaur you are so lucky.

Photographer kwongkwong

yours truly :);DXD

photographers! John&Adrian

wee. the climber :D

hanah hanah the modal wana be XD

Mayyi on her way to S'pore!

Jojo on her way to Langkawi :)

there you go! the sunrise. make a wish now :)

hehexixi. tons of photos to go! and there is still a lot of photos to blog about. *deepbreathe* i must speed up in blogging! stay tuned :D                ♥


  1. yesss..broga
    my hometown=)
    hehee..nice scene right?
    last friday i just go thr lehh=)

  2. Alicia: really? next time go with you k? :D <3

    Shiaan: You should go too! :D

  3. Im there! (:
    thanks you all listen to my annoying geh fannao :D
    IM FINE now and always to be lyk that!
    I love you all! :)



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