Broga Hills Sunrise #3 ♥


IMY :)
 *sigh* after being emo for the pass few days, IMMA BACK! fong sam, nth's wrong with me.
I am very happy yet a lil worry now. *sigh**again* popo is in the hospital, tmr is the operation day. god bless!

back to the topic.
the sun is already rising. it is freaking hot!

everyone is ready to go down the hills. BUHBYE BROGA :(
The form one enemy but form 5 bestie TzongHan
computer pro Blaze Chen?
us again :)
proved! we reached the top of broga hills

cute xiaopanpan!

ok he's not cute here LOL

Vic is trying to push the rocks apart, i guess. :P

DINOSAUR! run for your life! lmao


was chasing him around to punch him. you still owe me! LOL

the rocks are hard to climb weh :(


Yan! not my fault. vic's fault!


i am fuckin busy!
yup! i am a busy max lil lady :P tmr will be a trip to genting with these peeps! cant wait :D
so, i'll be away! :)MUAHS! miss me *wink*

gave you all i have and you tossed it in the trash

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