Broga Hill Sunrise#1♥


idk why i like this pose so much lately. wtf D:
 i guess i kno why, i have this too-long-didnt-camwhore disease. LOL. *lemon*

Me, Vic, Jojo, Yan, Mayyi in our heart!

video shoot session till late at night, 
MAYYI went back early :( i miss you! the next time we'll meet is? NEXT YEAR?! :*( *tears*

it's ok :D wee. so now, i proudly blog about the BROGA HILL SUNRISE! too many sunrise photos and i am lazy to blog them once, so they'll be part1 2 3 4 5 ... ok, 1 2 3 only i guess. :D

the day before, sincerely must thankiew YI LONG once again for letting us overnight at his place :*) we, sort of got drunk.( not alchoholic type, but just sth wrong with us)

sei mui deng YAN, Vic lying, and YiLoong behind his creepy snoopy.

Yan & Loong

My fave pic of her! so cute! :D (see her hair popping out both sidesXD)

I'm woman in black! chio? LOL. the hat says: I'm fuckin busy!

Comparison of the city mouse (left) & country mouse (right)
 i tell you what is the difference k, city mouse got food so hualalala, country mouse got no food so buahhaha.

drunk drunk drunk mood and we chit chat in China slang the whole night! heiqiqide lamp post, thebright lamp post, the very fuckin busy x'mas tree, xiaolaoshu. ♥  you guys will be my love!

and we ended up sleeping maximum half and hour! zzz.. then headed to Uma Rani mamak stall. im starting to love the place coz it is opened 24hours! planned to continue our video shoot but too bad wrong timing *sigh*

our midnight breakfast. NOT FEELING VERY WELL.

on the way to Broga Hills Semenyih! my 1st sunrise, here i come!! :D

Me, Vic, Yan

Vic gave me the yerrrrrrr face :(

ok la, she also got give Yan this expression. weee :D

Imma happy girl!♥

Blaze Chen , the bread man. LOL

see how's the bread! !@#$%^&*( LOL. but it still taste yummylicious. hehexixi

Adrian Ong the photographer. & WenTah too!

YiLoong the traffic man and JohnCoeinne the, um, biscuit man! XD
 i think we climbed for more than an hour, N km, in the dark dark hill, hands in hands, just to reach the top off Broga hills! :D
and finally....
ps: photos aint in good quality, it is much more beautiful than the photos! ♥

it is still freaking dark.

too be continue...

All form 5ers are free today!! Let's go partay!

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