come on, a short post k. I'm back from Genting Highlands yesterday. had fun with the love peeps again. i think i'd spent my holidays well with them :)

I'll be 18 after 12am tonight! *cheers*
Im legal for 18sx movies, Imma leal for clubbing, Imma legal for... er... anything else? :P

but, there is still lots to blog *sigh*
Broga Hills Sunrise #4#5, Bla's KTV session, Cousins outings, Genting Trip. 
But, all these photos are already posted in Facebook. :D

Last but not least.
HAPPY 2011! make your 2011 resolutions now!

AND! all ze best for those going NS :(((((( I'LL MISS YA'LL LIKE HELL!

song of the day

Broga Hills Sunrise #3 ♥


IMY :)
 *sigh* after being emo for the pass few days, IMMA BACK! fong sam, nth's wrong with me.
I am very happy yet a lil worry now. *sigh**again* popo is in the hospital, tmr is the operation day. god bless!

back to the topic.
the sun is already rising. it is freaking hot!

everyone is ready to go down the hills. BUHBYE BROGA :(
The form one enemy but form 5 bestie TzongHan
computer pro Blaze Chen?
us again :)
proved! we reached the top of broga hills

cute xiaopanpan!

ok he's not cute here LOL

Vic is trying to push the rocks apart, i guess. :P

DINOSAUR! run for your life! lmao


was chasing him around to punch him. you still owe me! LOL

the rocks are hard to climb weh :(


Yan! not my fault. vic's fault!


i am fuckin busy!
yup! i am a busy max lil lady :P tmr will be a trip to genting with these peeps! cant wait :D
so, i'll be away! :)MUAHS! miss me *wink*

gave you all i have and you tossed it in the trash

跟你借的幸福 ♥


asking me why?
answer: I still don't understand why.

Broga Hills Sunrise#2 ♥


WINK! im happy :D
 yes, as you see, i used to be a twitter and blog addict, but i am a Facebook kia lately, thanks to 5sAiers :) ♥ i enjoy spamming them, like-ing those pix, and continue spamming! LOL.

everyone is on their way to the second step of life to the future, yet, i hope time stops now, i wana be like this forever :(

Share with you guys, my very 1st sunrise :) (made a wish when i saw the 1st beam!)

all awaiting :)

my xiaolaoshu!

two macam emo fella XD

thankiew voonswean! bringing the guitar up! actually i love the feelings when we watch the sunrise with the guitar around :)


LeeJunYan force WaiHao to listen to his joke. LOL

i still love the sunrise! ♥

trying to pose JunYan's chok yong but ended up lansi. epic failed!


it's ok you can ignore him :P

the cute and leng Rachel!

:D i consider him as the great listener, ahGam.

he still dont wana smile :( SMILE WAIHOW!

the happy XueZhen she really laughs alot!

Muahs! my all time fave xiaolaoshu VIC

emo king FangFang

xiaopanpan :)

bestie JunYan :D

best classmate ever! JingRong.

very hangfuk Cayee! she is so cute! Mr Dinosaur you are so lucky.

Photographer kwongkwong

yours truly :);DXD

photographers! John&Adrian

wee. the climber :D

hanah hanah the modal wana be XD

Mayyi on her way to S'pore!

Jojo on her way to Langkawi :)

there you go! the sunrise. make a wish now :)

hehexixi. tons of photos to go! and there is still a lot of photos to blog about. *deepbreathe* i must speed up in blogging! stay tuned :D                ♥

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