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needa update a lil about life *phew* been packed with activities. i shall call myself Ms. Busy Minnie Mouse. T_____T

scroll down, read, and comment if you like to :)

#1 been a lil crazy nowadays. too much studies?

#2 i am happy the weather is nice and cooling nowadays ;)

#3 my fave cup accompany me during studies

#4 Xiao mao also :D

#5 you can assume i am hardworking. i guess. T_T

#6 very lucky to have this bunch of pros studying with me

and due to the memory space in my phone i have to blog this if not this story will fade off :(

my cousin sister, Yvonne from Ipoh came all the way to KL so i will be very very bad if i don't bring her go gai gai, so the nearest place: IOI MALL. 

Shushi King as lunch, late one at 3pm. PS: don't ever go during these hours because there is so lil choices! SAD :( 

Green Tea *lovelove*

My lil sister

pretty cousin sister ;) ( she looks like a teacher holding a cane)

very fail pic of us :( sorry la my k600i very weak alr.
 then window shop around.
LOVE THIS MUCH! my current phone wallpaper and Facebook's profile pic ;D

this elephant is cute. PS: look! he is eating banana.

this one very obvious LION but why they say this is SUNFLOWER

Lil sis :)

from left: Elianto Lip Gloss (nude), Guardian Lip Balm, Maybelline BB cream :)

and i am busy with my SPM Seminar @ Kasturi. ;) Thanks hun May helping me and JS for accompanying me.

Had MCD two days *fat!* prefer Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

a very random stuff to share:

Left: 3 years old lil bro      Right: 12 years old li bro
 i can tell i miss my oh-so-adorable-i-wana-pinch-you brother :(
lil bro, you are getting fat! go play basketball i want a handsome brother lah LOL
motivating my bro 


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