Where to go?



this explains how i feel right now. It is almost 2am right now. but twitter is still busy with Mayyikiim and Josephineyan. it's already freaking October it means SPM is getting nearer. yet, i have no confidence to score good results! god.

the next thing bothering me is, what to do after senior 3?!! *sigh* i seriously has no direction. LOST! Vet studies is taking tooooooo looonnngg time. and way too expensive! like think of it, it is not me paying, it is my parents! D: i dont wana spent so much money. *sigh again* or/ maybe taking course about planning concerts, or events or etc. (what do you call this?)

so i am searching for help: can you guys suggest any link about vet studies or the idk-what-you-call-concert/events-planner? thousands of thanks! :)



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