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I dont have monday blue today coz it is HOLIDAY! :)
finally i uploaded the photos but there is tons more! *smack head*
Yesterday was 101010 which you will only meet once in a lifetime unless you can live til 200 years later. T_T well, i read in the newspaper this morning and yea as i expected news about the couples getting married.

BTW, what i wana say is : Congrats to Ms Wong Sook Teng. who got registered ytd too! :DDD

and during my trials, it's my cousin sister's wed! :D i am happy! yet sad cus i cant get to join them because i am having Biology paper the next day *sob max!* so i made my opportunity to join the family for dinner.

annoying brother who dont wana take picture properly

from left: Sis Qi, brother, me. lols.

she is sad coz she cant go to LOUD fest (if i m not wrong) but she got tickets! lols.

the gorgeous cousin Miss MeiYen

Brother playing games the whole day.

the loves one :D
although i think kids are annoying sometimes, but i cannot deny that kids are adorable too! :D they are just as long as they dont yell scream cry at the wrong time (eg: while i am studying)

my nephew Henry and his cousin.

the way they say hello is : KISS. :D

still kissing..........

this is my fave!! :D she wants some more lols. how cute!

invitation card

the super gorgeous cousin sister and her husband. :)
:) congrats !!

i am still sad i didnt get to attend their wed ceremony :(


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