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Family comes first :)
the title seems like makings ads / doing some kinda game show wtf. 
ahaaa :D I found these pictures when am trying to delete the rubbish in my folders. it's during CNY. (god, i kno it's wayyyyyyy toooooo looooonnggg) 

i have a Malay friend, Sabirah my childhood friends, whom her father cooks very delicious dishes! :D i am very very impress will never understand why a father can cook so well. during CNY idk whether isit my father knocked his head or whateva, he cooks! 

just scroll down.

Butter baked fish and steam fish with soya sauce

I was the white mouse. T^T

I'm gonna eat it. seriously?

nom (idk what expression) not nice?

deliciousoooooooooo :DDDD

Sis was the white mouse no 2. XD

hmmmmm... ???

Her face tells it all. :D

even our baby boy wants some. but i wont share. *evil smile*

I can tell my daddy is mad happy

um. no comment. T_________________T

these few days at home, i knew lotsa stuff. i am someone who don't really accept reality, like seriously god damn, why can't we just live happily ever after just like the fairy tales we listen when we were kids? yes i know, this is life, we faces obstacles and we need to overcome them. and this is why we have to be tough, like what Darwin says: 适者生存

 my grandma, popo, just did a operation and now suffering painfulness with the ulcers in her stomach.  she ate 6 panadols each day trying to reduce the pain, but useless. she can only eat rice add on soup, which is tasteless. one night, i was sleeping in my brother's room with my popo, she woke uo 6 times that night coz she cannot stand the pain. i offer to help. rubbing her back and stomach. heart breaking. she used to be so healthy and still can drive us everywhere. but now, she cant even walk too long. 
as i help her rubbing her back and neck, i feel sorry, i hadn't been so close to her before. i feel sorry i didnt spent much time with her. this scene is very familiar, it's like, my grandma that has alr passed away. i am scared. 

but other than that, i promised myself deeply. I SHALL SPENT MORE TIME WITH HER. 
popo get well soon ILY :) 

PS: I dont want someone saying i am acting anymore! you will not understand how it feels coz you are not at the same situation like I am now! GET OFF!

my beloved popo :)

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