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miss breakfast is back and her breakfast today is Oat milk with Cocopie. *sweet*

went watching Step Up 3D in MidValley. this is why i love GSC MidValley. i m lucky enough to catch up Step up 3D after my SPM Trials. well, talk about trials, i did it badly. FML. i can smack myself :( 

right after the performance for the Chong Hwa Open day, went MidValley with JS. 
but no pictures idk why T__________T
scroll down pictures for our last outing.

MCD;D ( i wana have double cheese burger next time!)
Mcd Coke

MCD fries.:D

he likes to capture me from the ugly angle wtf T^T

i also can snap his ugly angle one. muahahahahahah

Sushi King
 since i've been noming Shushi King so often i went and register for member card ytd. Happy!

his fave pose i guess.

copycat XD

due to some reasons,  we broke up, but we are still best friends. :) we still hang out together. like we used to before we started the relationship. so no more question about us i guess. :D

ALL THE BEST TO ALL PMR CANDIDATES. especially my lil sis Qi. ;D 

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