Blue Berry Cheese Cake is Love ♥


hallo ni men hao mahhh!!!! :))

idk what expression this is. lols
i am the kind of girl who will crave for sth suddenly. especially FOOD. ohgod. and if i dont get it, i'll be really pekchek. D:

& yesterday, i was craving for my all time fave: Secret Recipe's blue berry cheese cake.
and.... JS purposely took a bus, sweating under the hot sun, and got me a blueberry cheese cake!
how sweet :) THANKS!

Fine Quality Cakes. mmmmmm....

ate it directly when i got this while doing the irritating calculus. :D

this is why it is my fave: Thick layer of cheese, alot of blueberry toppings, and a layer of biscuits at the bottom.

he even got me this: Halls as he worries i will fall asleep during the bloody 4 hours tuition. D:

:) once again, thankiew js!

next on, song for the moment which is my new love:

a song which suits most of the girls coz it is about, someone who got cheated/hurt, when is in love again, will still be afraid of the past memories and promises.

btw: IT's 10-10-10 :)


  1. I used to eat black colour halls sweet during tuition...however, it doesn't really work on me..LOL

  2. Evelyn: i think the black one is a bit too spicy for me lols. haha i think it works a lil but it gain weight more. XD lols

  3. HAHAHHAA!! same with u too! i cant stand if i didnt get the food that i want so suddenly xD

  4. Ken: YESH!
    Eminey: haha i think most of us has this crave-for-food case XD



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